Market Cap

Marketcap of the Anchor token by itself, without locked LP and Pools or Farms.

Total Minted

The total amount of minted coins, deployed by the smart contract.

Total Burned

The total amount of token which got burned, are coming from the transaction tax, deposit fee and from the liquidity providing swap fee.

Total Locked Rewards

Are the locked rewards in our pools and farms to increase the liquidity of Anchor and stabilize the price.

Circulating Supply

The circulating supply is the amount of tokens which is circulating and not locked or burned.

Max. Transaction Amount

The maximal transaction amount is the amount of tokens you can swap in one order. This is for locking out pump and dump groups who want to manipulate the price.

Transfer Tax

This is a transaction tax which will be locked in our Farms and Pools to increase a big amount of liquidity.